Voyager Controller 2.6.113
 (1 June 2021)

New features

Quick BLE control over lamps: Lamps can be added to workspace over BLE to change their color and network.

Cross platform project sharing: Project files can be exported and importad across all platforms. Also cloud storages such as Dropbox and GDrive can be used for sharing.

More options for effect importing: Cloud storages such as Dropbox and GDrive can be used for importing effects.

Effect applying enhancements: Effect is pushed to lamps faster and more reliably.

Project saving enhancements: DMX and stream are saved in the project file.

Streaming enhancement: Streaming effects (Spout and Syphon) will continue to play when going back to the workspace. Also issues with streaming becoming laggy on OSX and not responding on Windows have been resolved.

Blur streaming: Blur can now be applied to streaming effects (Spout and Syphon) as well.

New effects: Aurora, strobe and light flicker have been added.

Color wheel enchanement: When applying color to lamp, transition is smoother than before.

Known Issues

[Android and iOS] Video rotating: If adding portrait video, it might be rotated if not resized.

[iOS] Exporting project to GDrive: Currently iOS doesn't support exporting project to GDrive.

[Android and iOS] Connection with BLE: Up to 5 lamps can be added over BLE with simultaneous connection.