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why does my new voyager not respond when i try to turn it on? 

 We send out Voyagers in shelf mode, which means they will have full battery once they arrive to your doorstep. Connect it to the power cable and hold the power button for more than 3 seconds until the 1st LED turns green. 

while connecting, voyagers ask for a password. what is it? 

The default password for all Voyagers is "dsputnik"

Why is the Voyager Smartlight losing battery without active use?

Voyager is ready to work in seconds, so it is waiting for you to use it whenever. That drains it's battery, so, if you decide to travel or not use them for a while, we suggest putting them to shelf mode. Turn your Voyager on. hold both power and status buttons simultaneously for more than 10 seconds.  You should not be able to see any led indications on the voyager after it is done. 

Why is the app trying to update the voyagers firmware?

We work to make our lights and our software better each day. That is why there are software updates available from time to time. Once you add lamps to updated software, they will need to update lamps too for smooth control.

What do the LED colors indicate on the Voyager?

1st LED: Power Mode
Green: Voyager is ON and fully booted.
Blue: Voyager is booting (takes about 40 seconds).
Red: Voyager is OFF. Yellow: Voyager is charging/StandBy.
No Light: Voyager is complete OFF due to battery being dead or in SHELF MODE

3rd LED: WiFi Modes (please see the WiFi Control section below for more detailed information)
Yellow: Access Point or Master (default mode). Unit is creating its own WiFi network, and can be connected to a remote device.
Red: Unit is a client and cannot automatically find a network to connect to or has connection problems.
Green: Unit is a Client and is connected to a network.
Blue: Router. The SSID (Network name) has been given an _M at the end (i.e. DS026XXXXXXXXXX_M). Other Voyager fixtures set to Client will connect automatically to this fixture.

How can i control more than one voyager? 

You need to either create one light as a router and others as clients, our connect all to an external router
Tutorial for Router/client: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pVcgxcUJS4&ab_channel=DigitalSputnik
Tutorial for External router: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHedOdYEQic&ab_channel=DigitalSputnik

Is the diffuser in the voyager waterproof as well? 

Yes! Just take it out after the shoot and dry it. Looks new again! You can also change it to any other gels you would like.

Are there any gel presets in ds dmx app?

Press & hold onto the saturation button and it will open a list of gel presets.

Can i use voyager & ds1 in one app? 

There are a few options in doing so.
The first option is to set Voyager to DMX mode and add it to the DS DMX APP .
Voyager to DS DMX APP tutorial:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JigrCqEONAQ
The second option is to control them both through Madmapper.
MadMapper tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5MbDUny_S8

where can i download voyager controller/ ds dmx app?

You can download them here: https://www.digitalsputnik.com/pages/support

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