Lost in a fog of information? Do not worry, I will guide you through! 

General questions

How many Voyager Smartlights do I need to start my lighting experience?

One can already make your shot, but soon you will be craving for more :) 

How long does the Voyager battery last?

The Voyager’s built-in battery will last 2 hours and 30 mins on white color and 6 hours on full primary colors all at full intensity.

Can I put my voyager underwater?

Yes! Voyagers can go as deep as 10m (33ft). This makes it super versatile & durable for harsh weather conditions 

What is the password to connect to a voyager?

The default password is ‘dsputnik’

Can the Voyagers be used with DMX control?

Yes, they can. Voyagers accept two DMX modes: RGBT and ITSH.  DMX packets can be sent via sACN or ArtNet.

How many lamps the Voyager application can control?

1 app can control all of your lights. We have tested over 100 voyagers within one project. 1 app to rule them all :) 

What's included in the Voyager box?

Voyager Light Tube, DS Voyager Mount, Voyager mount spigot, 19.5V AC/DC Converter, Power Cable, quick manual.

What is the "shelf mode"?

Shelf mode means factory reset mode. In shelf mode, your Voyager is completely switched off and doesn’t drain the battery. Do it if preparing it for storage or travel.

How fast does the Voyager charge?

It can be charged fully in 90 minutes. Voyagers can be used while charging. 

Can I control my DS light heads individually?

Yes! DS fixtures are like "LEGO" bricks- you put each piece together and create a large fixture or control them separately. That means full control!

Do I need to purchase extra software to control my DS products?

No, the DS Voyager app and DS DMX app are free to download. No hidden costs! Download them here: https://www.digitalsputnik.com/pages/support

Is there a Voyager and DS1, DS3, DS6 manual?

Yes, you can download them from our site - https://www.digitalsputnik.com/pages/support

Can I get a one on one consultation?

I would love to talk to you! We can schedule it on Friday, over candlelight ;)  Schedule them by writing to info@digitalsputnik.com or any social media platform! 

Can I still purchase a product if it's not in the online store?

Yes! If you crave for something taken off the store, please contact us at info@digitalsputnik.com and we will make your wishes come true!

Not the answer you have been looking for? 

Ask us anything to our email address info@digitalsputnik.com