Start out with Voyager
Change the light

Introducing our  Voyager Smartlight with this unboxing video.
What are the must do's and what you should keep in mind - find out in this video!


Video transcription: 

After unboxing, light is on the shelf mode and must be connected to a power adapter.
Then turn on the Voyager by pressing the power button for more than 3 seconds.
Voyager needs to fully boot ( might take up to a minute). It is indicated by 1st LED being BLUE.
SSID name (WiFi name) is on the back of the Voyager.
Downloading the Voyager application: 
Find the quick guide from the box and scan the QR code.
OR find it from our webpage -> support 
Go to your device's network list and find the lights WiFi name. 
Connect to it with the password "dsputnik"
Open the application and add the lamp.
It requires an update. Press "OK" and wait until it is done. It can take up to 1 minute.
It is that simple!

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